FROM JAPAN is a proxy shopping service that can purchase and bid on items sold in Japan on your behalf and send them to your country.
If you have any questions about a Japanese item, we can contact the store for you in Japanese with your question on your behalf.

How can I order from acg.base.shop using FROM JAPAN?


Proceed to the order form on our site to get started.

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Once you have completed membership registration, place your order using the ordering form on our website.

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To first-time FROM JAPAN users:

Are you worried or concerned about the following?

Japanese stores not being able to ship items internationally / Being unsure if an item purchased will arrive safely / Not being able to understand Japanese

We can eliminate those kinds of problems!

  • Order Japanese items and have them delivered straight to you with FROM JAPAN!
  • We've shipped over 2,100,000 orders to 200 countries and regions!
  • Even if you don't understand Japanese, our staff will assist you with everything from the item description to the ordering method!
  • Becoming a FROM JAPAN member is free!

Even first-time users using our proxy service
can get the items they want easily, safely, and quickly!

How To Use

How To Use
STEP1 First, register on our site to become a member!
STEP2 Copy the item URL into our order form and indicate any necessary information to get your order started.
STEP3 Charge 1 - Pay for your items
You can pay using either PayPal, credit card, or FJ Points.
STEP4 Item Arrival at our Warehouse
We will be able to hold your items for up to 30 days upon arrival.
STEP5 Shipping instructions
Instruct your items for shipment.
Combine your items together into the same shipment group to save on shipping costs!
STEP6 Charge 2 - Pay for shipping
Please complete the payment to have your item(s) sent.
STEP7 Items Delivery
Once your payment is confirmed, your package will be dispatched shortly after.
Shipping time will vary depending on the destination address.

* For more details regarding Charge 1 and Charge 2, please take a look at our Payment Structure page.

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Inquiries to FROM JAPAN

If you have any questions regarding FROM JAPAN and our services, feel free to contact us.

* We can contact any Japanese store with any questions or concerns you may have on your behalf!
Please refrain from contacting Japanese stores directly when using our service. Thank you for your cooperation.

See here for a list of frequently asked questions.

Please see here if you wish to know more information about FROM JAPAN's services.

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