When winning auctions from Otakara Japan,

domestic shipping is free!

On top of that, international shipping for all items is 2,500 yen!

Bid on popular "cameras" and "lenses"!
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For more information on domestic and international shipping rates, please check the item details page.

This Yahoo! Auctions seller (worldseller_otakara_japan) is a trusted FROM JAPAN Partner.

About FJ Partners

When winning an auction (on Yahoo! Auctions) from this seller...

  • Domestic shipping is free!
  • Flat international shipping rate 2500 YEN per shipment.
  • If there are any problems or flaws with the product, we can take it back for refund/return on the product if contacted within 4 days of the arrival date.

Cautionary Notes

  • For FROM JAPAN Partner sellers, terms and conditions may differ from other auctions. Please be sure to confirm before bidding.
  • This special offer only applies for items purchased from Otakara Japan's Yahoo! Auctions ID (worldseller_otakara_japan).
  • Items won from this seller may only be shipped separately from other items and cannot be combined for international shipping to apply for this offer.
  • If there are any flaws or damage found on the item upon arrival, please contact FROM JAPAN Customer Support with photographs of the item within 4 days of the arrival date.
  • Upon sending items back to us for a return, FROM JAPAN will not bear shipping costs and associated fees.
  • Shipping costs, regardless of weight or size, will be a flat rate of 2500 yen per item.
  • From Japan is a proxy bidding and shopping service that can purchase and send items won from Yahoo Auctions overseas.