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Do you know "Ichiban kuji" lottery?
The "Ichiban kuji" is a lottery handled in some libraries
and convenience stores all around Japan.
There is a character good prize for every ticket
as such it is a big event for collectors! As it is a lottery,
you don't know if you will get the item you would like
but may be on the contrary THIS is the exciting point?!
From popular characters from Pokemon, Gundam or One Piece
to rising new comers, there is plenty of choice!
Recommended items !

Attack on Titan

sailor moon


Kantai Collection



Important Event !

Limited period shop "Aikatsu" opened!
For the 2nd time this year, the official shop of popular idol anime "Aikatsu!"
opened in Tokyo and Sapporo! Other than mini-games with winning prize
and the addition of new frames for personalized photos,
there are also many original items limited to this store!
Check for "Aikatsu!" popular among children and adults!
I want to be an idol !!

AKB48 is one of idol groups
Let's take a look at latest single

Not only Aikatsu
Aimasu (idol master) is also popular

You can be an idol
with nice dresses
The ultra rare figure of Kitty whose face is covered by its iconic red ribbons
came back to the limited to the Japanese fashion brand "UNDERCOVER" shops!
"UNDERCOVER x HELLO KITTY" collaboration tee-shirts
are also very popular!
Japanese exceptional goods!

What do you eat for breakfast? Bread?
Or do you microwave some food?
Let's have a look at the best-selling kitchen appliances
Recommended items!

bread machine

Rice cooker

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