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Important Event !


To commemorate the worldwide hit movie
"Transformers - The Lost Age"
and the 30th Anniversary of Animation,
a big event took place in Japan, their birthplace.
Even adults are excited to see
the incredible transformations from vehicle to robot!
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Super real!
Movie Advanced Series

~ Second edition series ~

Japanese "Kanji" are transforming !
「もじバケる」 (Mojibakeru)
Japanese Fashion Culture

For its unique style, a growing numbers of people are interested in
"Lolita Fashion"!
There are varieties of Lolita fashion
such as "Sweet Lolita","Classic Lolita" and "Gothic Lolita". 
The fact that girls always want to be Cute=Kawaii is universal!!
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Angelic Pretty

Innocent World

Japanese exceptional goods!

Japanese lunch boxes full of sidedishes are popular in many countries!
Japanese expertise created stainless lunchbox and bottle
which can keep your lunch warm. Let's have a gorgeous lunch time!
Top brand "THERMOS"
will also be definitely pleased as a present !
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Lunch box

Bottle, mug

Thermos pot

Next time important event !

Yowamushi Pedal x Bianchi

The collaboration betweem the popular cycling manga
"Yawamushi Pedal"
and the famous bike maker "Bianchi" has become real!
The "Yowamushi Pedal Cafe" will open
for a limited period from 13th - 23th September
at the "Bianchi Cafe" in Juyugaokka, Tokyo.

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