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Japan Trend News!

This Summer's Comic Market
This 86th Comic Market (Comiket) took place on 15th-17th August!
More than 450,000 attendees visited the place
buying doujin-shi, a lot of cosplayers were also there
to transform the place as a real festival! Especially
"Is the Order a Rabbit?" had a real and big success!
Let's check the Comiket goods now!
Presentation of popular titles

Is the Order a Rabbit?

Yo-Kai Watch

Kuroko's Basketball

O-Bon Season
In Japan, we call mid-August as "O-Bon".
During this period, many families are going back to their home-town
as such the transportation facilities are very crowded.
But it is not only a thing!!
In Japan there are many popular products and presents per region!
The most popular of them is the "Shiroi Koibito" (White Lovers)
from Hokkaido. How about tasting some representative tastes of Japan?
There different tastes in each Japanese region!

Kit Kat



Important Event !
The Preliminary Meeting to participate to the National Convention
has started all inside Japan. This convention is for those who aims
to be the racer No1 of Mini 4WD and take place from 9th August
to 23th September. The participants bring their own dearest machine
and in order to win the course, they tune up their cherised car.
How about becoming an owner of a Mini 4WD?

Next time important event !

BEAMS × Yo-Kai Watch

The collaboration Tshirt of one of the most popular fashion brand, BEAMS,
and one of the most popular anime series "Youkai Watch" will be on sale!
It will hard to get this item but there will be soon additional pre-orders!!
For now, let's check the Tshirt collaborations of Youkai Watch with other brands!

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