What is FROM JAPAN Direct?

FJ Direct is a select shop offering recommended products which have been chosen especially by FROM JAPAN Staff. We're offering some of the most popular products from Japan at special prices! More products to come soon!
  • FREE Domestic Shipping!
  • International FLAT-RATE Shipping!
Look for this icon for FJ Direct items!

What are the flat-rate shipping costs for each region?

For FJ Direct purchases, no matter how many items you ship, the international shipping fee is a special flat rate! No more surprises. Know exactly how much shipping will cost before ordering. This is your chance to save big on combined purchases!

Region 1 (Asia)
- 3,000 yen flat shipping rate

Region 2 (Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East)
- 4,000 yen flat shipping rate

Region 3 (Europe)
- 5,000 yen flat shipping rate

Region 4 (South America, Africa)
- 7,000 yen flat shipping rate

If you are unsure of the region you live in, please feel free to contact us to confirm.


In addition to the item cost, there may be costs added to your purchase depending on your order options.

Items purchased through FJ Direct cannot be combined for shipping with items purchased through the FROM JAPAN Proxy Service.

Items paid for at the same time (Charge 1) will be combined into the same package for international shipment.
Please kindly understand that items paid for separately will not be combined into the same shipment.

Your items may be split into multiple packages due to size/weight limitations.
There are no additional shipping costs added for this.

For FJ Direct shipments, the flat-rate shipping costs will be charged during the Charge 1 payment.
There will be no Charge 2 payment. Please kindly wait for your items to be shipped shortly after submitting your shipping instructions.

Shipping discounts from your FJ Rank do not apply to products purchased through FJ Direct.

The shipping method selected for products purchased via FJ Direct will be done by our staff.
Please kindly understand that instructions for packing and shipping will not be accepted.

The values declared on the shipping invoices for FJ Direct products cannot be modified.

Our Buyer Protection Plan and Basic Forwarding Plan cannot be selected for items purchased via FJ Direct.
In the unlikely case that an item arrives broken or missing items/parts, please contact us within 7 days of the package arrival and we will gladly exchange or return your item.


FROM JAPAN is an auction and shopping proxy service for Japanese sites.
We provide services to purchase and bid on items being sold in Japan on your behalf, and forward them to you.