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FROM JAPAN is a Japanese auction and shopping proxy service.
We bid on and order items from Japanese auction and shopping sites on your behalf, and deliver them to you!

Enjoy Japanese online shopping!

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FJ Services

  • Custom Item Search

    Find the items you want faster!
    Browse items from all major Japanese shopping sites at the same time using our integrated search engine, and filter results to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

  • Multilingual Support

    No Japanese? No problem!
    Our multilingual staff can assist you with your orders or questions in English, Chinese, Spanish, and French.

  • Consolidated Shipping

    We can consolidate your orders for international shipping!
    Combine any number of orders in a single package for free!

  • Insurance Plan Options

    Shop with peace of mind using our Buyer Protection Plan.
    We'll make sure your items get to you safely, or your money back!

    - Basic Forwarding Plan: 300 yen per order

    - Buyer Protection Plan: 700 yen per order

    * The Basic Forwarding Plan is free of charge for items from Amazon, Rakuten Ichiba, and ZOZOTOWN.

  • Multiple Shipping Options

    Choose from FedEx, DHL, EMS, Air Mail, SAL, Surface, or Small Packet.

  • Rank System

    Shop more to upgrade your member rank, and save up to 10% on international shipping costs!

How to use

  1. Search

    Search for your item using FROM JAPAN.

    How to search for items
  2. Bid / Order

    Once you find the items you're looking for, add them to your shopping cart.

    How to bid on Yahoo! Auctions using FROM JAPAN

    How to order items
  3. Charge 1 - Pay for your items

    You can pay using either PayPal, credit card, or FJ Points!

    How to pay Charge 1
  4. Item Arrival at our Warehouse

    We will be able to hold your items for up to 45 days upon arrival.

  5. Shipping instructions

    Instruct your items for shipment.
    We can consolidate your orders for international shipping!
    Combine any number of orders in a single package for free!

    How to instruct a shipment and pay Charge 2
  6. Charge 2 - Pay for shipping

    Please complete the payment to have your item(s) sent.


    Once your payment is confirmed, your package will be dispatched shortly after.
    Shipping time will vary depending on the destination address.


*Based on customer surveys

Hear what actual FROM JAPAN users
have to say about our service.

  • Polite and thorough service from shopping specialists
    30s, Male

    Item purchased

    I am absolutely thrilled by From Japan's services. They are extremely prompt to reply to my questions or to correspond with any information about my order, they did a wonderful job in preparing and packing my order, and the cost was better than any other proxy services I have used. I was nervous about receiving my first order because it was a Zippo lighter, but they removed any part that would have prevented it from passing through customs while packing it in a way that prevented customs from unnecessarily damaging the lighter and its retail packaging. Thank you so much for your professionalism and courtesy! After trying out several proxy services, I can easily say I will only go through From Japan now!

  • I can get items straight from Japan without even leaving my house
    20s, Female

    Item purchased

    From Japan offers a good service. I can now buy items that I thought I can't buy before because it's availability is only for those who are in Japan. I just hope that the commission fee will get reduced as I buy more.

  • More professional than other proxy services
    30s, Male

    Item purchased

    The presentation is more professional than other proxy services, and the process is much smoother. It's good to have shipping options, but EMS is really the only good balance between speed and cost. Shipping and handling costs and fees are a little lower than the other service I've used (Sutocorp), which was the main factor behind switching.
    My main complaint would be the inconvenient process of ordering multiple items; it would be much easier to be able to add multiple items to a single order, rather than making several different orders.