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What is Yahoo! Auctions?

Yahoo! Auctions is Japan's top auction site, offering over 50 million listings for all kinds of products.

Yahoo! Auctions was established by Yahoo! Japan in 1999, and quickly became the most popular Japanese auction site. In 2013, the official site name changed to "Yahuoku" - the contraction used by most sellers and buyers in Japanese.

Using FROM JAPAN for Yahoo! Auctions

FROM JAPAN offers a proxy bidding service that lets customers around the world safely bid on Yahoo! Auctions items - no Japanese necessary! Items you win are delivered straight to your door.

Yahoo! Auctions Video Tutorial

  • How to Bid on Yahoo! Auctions | FROM JAPAN

    Here's our guide on how to bid on Yahoo! Auctions items on FROM JAPAN.

    How to bid on Yahoo! Auctions using FROM JAPAN

    Here's our guide on how to place a bid on a Yahoo! Auctions Japan listing.
    When you find a Yahoo! Auctions item you'd like to bid on, enter the number of units and your maximum bid.
    For auctions with a Buy it Now option
    placing a bid for the indicated amount will automatically win the item.
    Choose what kind of bid you want to place.
    Real-time Bidding places your maximum bid right away.
    Sniper bidding places your bid
    5 minutes before the scheduled ending time.

  • This time, we'll try placing a real-time bid.
    On the following page,
    you can review your bid details and select a purchasing plan.
    You can bid on auctions using a credit card, PayPal,
    a deposit, or FJ Points.
    We'll use a credit card.
    Click this button to change your payment method.
    We offer two purchasing plans.
    You can select either our Buyer Protection Plan or our Basic Forwarding Plan.
    Once you've selected a plan and reviewed your bid,
    click the "Place Bid" button.
    And you're done!
    We'll send you an email to let you know if you win the auction.

FROM JAPAN Customer Testimonials

Item purchased 1

Item purchased

The 'Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector's Edition' arrived in perfect condition and so I am very pleased with my purchase. The best thing about this product was that it contained several exclusives only available to Japan (the rest of the world did not receive the extra 'Final Fantasy XV Kingsclaive' bonus disc, the extra drama CD, or the extra game DLC). Thank you.

John Doe 40s, Male

Item purchased 2

Item purchased

I was really looking for this product so when I saw it, I immediately used FROM JAPAN to buy it. Packaging-wise, I am satisfied. The people behind the packaging really took care... so much bubble wrap. :D It is a kind of relief that they intend for the product to not get squished even if it's not fragile. :)) The packaging is quite big though...

Suremiku 20s, Female

Item purchased 3

Item purchased

The book was exactly in the condition advertised, and arrived without issues and damage.

li 20s, Female