Safe and Speedy Service


Price Quotes and Purchases

During our working hours, all requests are processed in about 1-2 hours. Outside our working hours, requests for Rakuten, Surugaya and BAPE are processed in about 1 hour, and all other requests are processed as soon as possible the following workday.


Items are inspected the same day they arrive.


After you pay Charge 2, parcels are dispatched the same day or the next business day.
* Our working hours are 09:00 to 18:00 JST, seven days a week
* The times above are estimates. Processing may take longer during peak seasons.
* Orders from Rakuma require communication with the seller before purchasing and may take longer to process.

High Quality

Compact Packing

Our smart system uses data from our 15 years in business to pack items efficiently, reducing package size while keeping items protected.

Smooth Payment

Since we measure and weigh items upon arrival, your international shipping costs can be paid as soon as you submit your shipping instructions.

* Some time is required to calculate shipping costs for fragile goods and other items that require specialized handling or packing.

Removing Parts

If your ordered item includes lithium batteries or any other prohibited items, we can remove them so the rest can be shipped. We can also remove tires from wheels.

* An additional fee may be required.

Packaging Examples

Weight Reduction

Items are packed compactly and fixed with shrink wrap. This packing method cuts down on bulky packing material, which reduces parcel size and is also good for the environment.


Small items are wrapped in a protective film to shield them from the rain and other environmental damage.

Large Items

We can also ship large items like car bumpers! (E.g. 174 x 87 x 62 cm)

Poly Mailers

Items like clothes, plushies and bags are sent in poly mailers. This reduces the size and weight of the parcel, which makes shipping cheaper.
See more here.

Double Protection

Delicate devices and other fragile items are packaged in an additional layer of padding and cardboard, at no extra cost.

Handling Labels

Package labels include both English and Chinese to ensure that parcels are handled appropriately.