How to bid on Yahoo! Auctions

1 Search for your item.

Search for an item you're looking for by entering keywords into our search bar.
You can also search using an auction URL or ID if you already know the auction you plan to bid on.

2 Choose an auction to bid on.

Find an item you wish to bid on from our search results.

3 Place a bid for an amount higher than the current top bidder.

Select your bidding method if necessary (Bid, Sniper bid, Buy It Now), input a bid amount and quantity beflore clicking the bid button.

* Set a payment method here before bidding.
* For auctions with a Buy It Now price option, you will win the auction as soon as your bid is placed at the Buy It Now price.

What does "available deposit for bidding" mean?
What are FJ Points?
What is a sniper bid?
What is 即決価格(Buy it Now)?
Items prohibited from international shipping

4 Confirm the auction and bid amount.

Make sure you've checked the auction contents and the amount that you're bidding.

Next, select a plan.
- Buyer Protection Plan
- Basic Forwarding Plan

Click "Place Bid" to confirm and place your bid.

* Auction bids cannot be cancelled once placed. Please confirm all information before finalizing your bid.

Buyer Protection Plan /Basic Forwarding Plan

5 Your bid is placed!

Your bid is placed!
You can check the status of your ongoing auctions on your "Now Bidding" page.

Once you have won an auction, payment will be processed automatically. You will receive a notification via email.