Shipping/Charge 2 Disclaimer

Shipping Instructions

Once your orders arrive at our distribution center, you can select your destination address, consolidate your items, and select your preferred shipping and packing methods by instructing a shipment.
Please instruct a shipment within 30 days of your items arrival at our distribution center.
Once you have instructed a shipment, our warehouse will begin packing your items shortly.

  • Any change or cancellation of shipping instructions once placed will incur a 1,500 yen repacking fee.
  • If not instructed for shipment within 30 days of arrival, all of your items that have arrived will be automatically packed and processed for shipping.

Automatic Shipping Groups

If your items have not been instructed for shipment within 30 days of the arrival of your first item, all of your items will be automatically combined for packing and shipping to your registered address. The notification and preparation for the Charge 2 of this automatic shipping group may take longer than usual.

Separation of items packed together

Items that are packed and shipped to us together from the same store or seller cannot be separated into different packages for international shipping.

Charge 2

Once we have confirmed your shipping instructions, your items will be packed and you will receive a Charge 2 form within 2 business days.
The Charge 2 payment must be made within 3 days.
If not paid for within the payment period of 3 days, a 100 yen extension fee will be added for each item in your package every day until the Charge 2 payment is complete.

  • Depending on the weight, size, shape, and/or quantity of items purchased, specialized packing fees may be applied to your purchase. See here for more information regarding specialized packing.
  • If no payment is received for your Charge 2 payment within 30 days of packing your items, we will automatically withdraw payment from your credit card, FJ Points, or deposit. If we are unable to make a withdrawal, your items will be disposed without further notice, refund, or compensation.