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SALE中❤LIZLISA axesなどまとめ売り

Please be aware of the following when making an order from this site:
-We will contact the seller and request to purchase the item(s) after you have paid for Charge 1.
-If there is no reply or the item is sold out, your order will be cancelled and refunded within 10 days.
-Use "Comments" or "Upload picture" to indicate the item(s) you wish to purchase.
-Depending on the seller, certain items may only be available when purchased along with other items.
-After seller replies, items take an average of 6 days to arrive to our distribution center.
-If you wish to negotiate a price cut or separating the goods, please leave a comment and proceed to complete Charge 1 payment for the full price. If the negotiation is successful we will refund the difference. If not, we will ask if you wish to go ahead for the full price or cancel.

Due to the keyword "ノーブランド (No brand)" in this item's description, there is a risk that this item is not authentic. Please check the item page thoroughly before making your purchase.
If you have any questions, please contact us before placing a bid or an order.


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Item Price10,000 yen (including tax)
(≒93.90 USD)
Item code24430665
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730 yen (est.)
(≒6.86 USD)
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    SALE中❤LIZLISA axesなどまとめ売り

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    • SALE中❤LIZLISA axesなどまとめ売り
    • SALE中❤LIZLISA axesなどまとめ売り
    • SALE中❤LIZLISA axesなどまとめ売り
    • SALE中❤LIZLISA axesなどまとめ売り
    • SALE中❤LIZLISA axesなどまとめ売り




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