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Items Ineligible for Compensation

Junk Items

Items described by the seller as "junk" (ジャンク in Japanese), as well as bundles of unboxed toys and collectibles.
Learn more about "junk" items here.

Non-Standard Items

Items determined to be non-standard by our staff.
Learn more about non-standard items here.

Prohibited Items

Items determined to be prohibited from international shipment by our staff.
Find a list of prohibited items here.

Items Shipped Without Tracking

Small Packet shipments without added tracking.

* If the item is never received or lost during domestic or international shipping via a tracked shipping method, the full cost of the item (excluding custom fees or taxes) will be refunded. Details on how to apply for compensation can be found here.
* The plan fee will still be charged if you purchase an item that's ineligible for compensation.