FROM JAPAN Auction & Shopping Proxy Service


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We will stop offering our Buyer Protection and Basic Forwarding Plans after August 31, 2020.
From September 1, 2020, you will be able to use our new and reasonably-priced Product Protection Plan.
Details about our new plan can be found here.

Purchasing Plan

Items Ineligible for the Buyer Protection Plan

Junk Items

Items sold as "junk" (damaged, faulty, etc.) and bundles of unboxed toys and collectibles.

Non-Standard Items

Items determined to be non-standard by our staff.
Learn more about non-standard items here.

Prohibited Items

Items determined to be prohibited from international shipment by our staff.
Find a list of prohibited items here.

* The purchasing plan will be changed to Basic Forwarding only for the specific items determined to be prohibited. You will be required to pay the Basic Forwarding Plan fee for items whose plan has changed.

Items from Sellers with Low Feedback

Items from Yahoo! Auctions sellers that don't meet the following requirements: 100 transactions and 90% positive feedback.