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Member Rank

Your member rank is based on the value of your purchases.
A discount on the international shipping fee is awarded for each rank.
You will receive an email notification when your rank is updated.
You can check your current rank under My Account.

-Please note-
* Member rank is based on the combined value of items shipped during 1 year. Rank updates take place on the 1st and 16th every month.

Samurai EMS and FedEx:3%OFF

Purchase total over 40,000 yen


Tonosama EMS and FedEx:5%OFF

Purchase total over 100,000 yen


Shogun EMS and FedEx:10%OFF

Purchase total over 400,000 yen

What is FJ Smart Checkout?

FJ Smart Checkout combines Charge 1 and Charge 2 in a single payment - this means you pay the item price, international shipping and all other fees at once. After clicking the "FJ Smart Checkout" button, you will be asked to select the address, shipping method, purchasing plan, and any other options. You can then pay the full order cost at once and simply wait for your item to be delivered.

Please note:
* This option is only available when the "FJ Smart Checkout" button appears on the item page.
* Orders using FJ Smart Checkout are limited to a single unit.
* Multiple items cannot be combined for shipping when using FJ Smart Checkout.