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Seiko Spirit - Elegance that can be worn on your wrist

Seiko Spirit is a line of dress watches by the Japanese watchmaker Seiko. While at a lower price point compared to other Seiko lines, watches in the Seiko Spirit range certainly do not compromise on quality, with many watches from the range being a favorite amongst watch fanatics. Seiko Spirit also carries a sub-line of women's watches, which are as stylish as they are practical. Most timepieces under the Seiko Spirit name are fitted with Solar-powered batteries which can function in even the dimmest of light. The Seiko Spirit is the watch of choice for the professional who wants an elegant timepiece suitable for both casual and formal events.


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Women's > Spirit

Seiko Spirit is a line of dress watches by the Japanese watchmaker Seiko. Watches in the Spirit range are known for their simple designs which are wearable in both casual and formal settings. The line is not just limited to men's watches, offering women's and matching couples' watches as part of their product range. With a comparably lower price point than other lines under the Seiko name, watches in the spirit line range from around 15,000 yen to around 40,000 yen in the case of special models.

Timepieces in the Seiko Spirit range are known for being simple, there is a plethora of designs in the collection meaning that you are sure to find a timepiece that suits your tastes. The needles of Spirit watches are thinner compared to other Seiko models, which allow for a more unobstructed face, increasing the readability of the watch.

Watches in the Seiko Spirit line are some of the Japanese watchmaker's most popular, due to their simple and easy-to-wear designs and solar-power technology. The watches in this range are all fitted with scratch-resistant glass that is water-resistant up to 100 meters. The bracelet of the watches are adjustable, which allows for the wearer to get the perfect fit.