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Grand Seiko - Seiko's line of premium timepieces

Grand Seiko is the Japanese watchmaker Seiko's premium line of wristwatches, first released in 1960. Watches in the Grand Seiko line are designed to be worn comfortably in everyday life, but with a luxurious twist. Every year Seiko unveils their new Grand Seiko collection, at the iconic Baselworld Watch and Jewelry show in Switzerland. With their simple and elegant designs, timepieces in the Grand Seiko line are the perfect addition to any watch fanatic's collection. If you're looking for a watch that exudes class and professionalism, look no further than Grand Seiko.


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The first watches in the Grand Seiko line were released in 1960, designed and marketed as a luxury watch. In adherence to their "Grand" name, the first pieces in the Grand Seiko collection were twice the price of regular Seiko watches. A testament to Seiko's confidence in their technology, Seiko submitted one of their Grand Seiko watches for testing at the Geneva Observatory alongside iconic European watchmaking brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe. Seiko submitted 27 watches in the 1967 Neuchatel Chronometer Competition, with a timepiece in the Grand Seiko line performing well and ranked 12th of the hundreds of watches submitted from famous watch brands from around the world.

One of Seiko's top designers and engineers Yoshikazu Akahaze created a new type of watch movement that combined the accuracy of a quartz movement with the technical prowess of a mechanical movement. Over 21 years Akahaze perfected the movement, with the technology finally fitted into a Grand Seiko watch in 2004. This was was the Grand Seiko Spring Drive, lauded for its incredible accuracy and lifespan.

Seiko has been a favorite with watch collectors around the world due to its exclusivity on the domestic Japanese market, but in 2010 Seiko made the announcement that the new range of Grand Seiko would be sold for the first time outside of Japan. In 2017 it was announced that Seiko would become its own independent brand, releasing two limited-edition watches in the process.