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Seiko Wired - Where cutting-edge fashion meets cutting-edge technology

Seiko Wired is a line of wristwatches by the Japanese watchmaker Seiko, designed for the most fashionable in mind. The Seiko Wired range first debuted in 2000 at the watch and jewelry conference Basel World in Switzerland. Seiko Wired is the result of mixing cutting edge technology with cutting edge style, creating a timepiece perfect for casual and formal occasions. Alongside their men's line, you can also find a huge variety of stylish women's and couple's watches that ooze with class. For those who want a timepiece that can be as fun as it is functional, look no further than Seiko Wired.


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The Seiko Wired line debuted in 2000, at the first Baselworld watch and jewel conference of the new millennia. The concept behind Seiko Wired was to create a line of watches that represented modern Japanese culture and the country's relationship to cutting edge fashion. In 2015, Seiko Wired celebrated its 15th anniversary, releasing a homage watch of one of the first chronographs released in the series. Even after almost 20 years the first watches in Seiko Wired were first released, it has proven to be one of Seiko's most popular and enduring lines.

Seiko Wired is a fixture in the Japanese fashion world, collaborating with a wide variety of fashion brands and talent over the years. In 2001, Wired collaborated with the Japanese select store Beams to create a line of watches with the name "WIRED featuring BEAMS". With its close links to the fashion world, watches in the Seiko Wired line come in a wide range of designs and colors, from classic black models to funky colorful pieces.

Seiko Wired also has a sub-line of women's watches under the name "F Series". The line is known for its cute, yet elegant designs and muted color palette. Watches in the F Series sub-line of Seiko Wired are designed to not simply be a timepiece, but an accessory that brings the whole outfit together. With a wide variety of fashion-forward designs, you can find a watch that shows off your individuality in the Seiko Wired range.