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Seiko Prospex - Explore the outside world with Seiko Prospex

Seiko Prospex is the Japanese watchmaker Seiko's line of premium-quality sporstswatches. Seiko Prospex is comprised of four lines: Seiko Prospex Sea, Seiko Prospex Land, Seiko Propex Sky, and Seiko Prospex Run. With each line meticulously designed to tackle the terrain of wherever you may go, watches in the Prospex line are the perfect companion for wherever your adventures may take you.


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Men's > Prospex

The Seiko Prospex is a line of sports watches designed and produced by the Japanese watchmaker Seiko. The line has four main sub-brands: Seiko Prospex Sea, Seiko Prospex Land, Seiko Propex Sky, and Seiko Prospex Run. The designers at Seiko have designed each watch in these four lines to perform excellently, even in the most extreme of environments, making them an invaluable addition to any explorer's adventures.

Development for the Prospex line started in 1965, a year after the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, where sport and athletics were on the mind of the Japanese nation. In order to commemorate the great achievements of Japan's top athletes, Seiko began development for the first Prospex Sea model, which was released in 1965. Seiko made huge leaps in horological technology, and this set the stage for the development of Prospex's other lines.

The Seiko Sea is the Prospex line of diver's watches that have been the companion to professional and hobbyist diver's since 1965. The Seiko Land is Prospex's answer to the hiker's watch, with compass functions to help navigate even the roughest of terrains. For aviators, the Seiko Prospex Sky is the watch of choice. While the Prospex Run is for runners and joggers who wish to keep excellent timing when training for the next big race.