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Seiko Overseas Models - Popular Seiko models from around the world

Seiko is considered one of Japan's finest watchmakers, with Seiko enthusiasts found the world over. Famous for their groundbreaking technology and classic design, Seiko watches have become a staple of the horological scene in Japan and beyond. Over the 138 years that Seiko have been in business, the company have released many so-called "overseas models" which were never available for purchase on the domestic Japanese market. Due to their scarcity in Seiko's home country, these models are some of the brand's most popular pieces and sought-after pieces, and will make a perfect addition to any avid watch fanatic's collection.


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Seiko's first foray into the watchmaking world was in 1913 with the revolutionary "Laurel" model - the first wristwatch ever to be produced on Japanese shores. The design and assembly of this watch were a challenge to Seiko (then known as Seikosha), as Japan had lagged behind in wrist watch technology that was booming in Europe at the time. However, these challenges are what triggered Seikosha push for innovation in design technologies, engineering and tool development, leading to the development of Seiko as we know them today.

One of Seiko's most enduring qualities as a company is the fact they are always at the forefront of cutting edge technology in the watchmaking world. In 1969, Seiko manufactured and marketed the world's first quartz watch, the Seiko Quartz Astron. The Astron has remained as one of Seiko's core lines, today reimagined as the Astron GPS Solar, the world's first solar watch. By connecting to GPS networks, the Astron GPS Solar can adjust at the push of a button to you time zone by the power of solar energy alone, meaning that the watch never needs to have a battery change.

Word of Seiko's great advancements in watchmaking soon spread, and Seiko began exporting their models to the foreign market in great quantities. To cater to Western markets , some overseas-exclusive Seiko models have also been produced. This so-called "overseas models" became some of the most sought-after in the Japanese watch-collecting scene, due to their scarcity within Japan.