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About Brightz

Seiko Brightz - Seiko's line of premium wristwatches for sophisticated men

Seiko Brightz is a line of men's wristwatches that first debuted in 2000. Watches in the Seiko Brightzz Line were designed to create a revolution in modern watchmaking, combining stylish design and Seiko's advanced horological technology. Seiko Brightz is targetted to professional men who want to add a touch of luxury to their wardrobes. As with other Seiko lines, watches in the Seiko Brightz range come in a variety of designs and are fitted with a variety of features, so any man can find a watch perfectly suited to them. For those who want class and innovation in a single wristwatch, look no further than Seiko Brightz.


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Men's > Brightz

Seiko Brightz was first introduced in 2000 in celebration for the new millennia. Seiko gave the line the catchphrase "Tough and Comfortable" which encapsulates the superior durability and wearability of the Seiko Brightz watches. Seiko had such confidence in their new line of watches, that they also released several year-2000 limited edition Seiko Brightz watches. These watches are considered some of the most valuable Seiko Brightz timepieces by watch enthusiasts around the world.

For Seiko Bright's 15th anniversary, Seiko released a special limited-edition in 2015 watch in celebration. This anniversary model used 15 sapphires and was put into incredibly limited production. Finding this exclusive watch on the second-hand market is incredibly rare, with prices going into the hundreds of thousands of yen. As Seiko Brightz is a line hard to come by outside of Japan, they are considered some of the most sought-after watches by watch fanatics.

Seiko Brightz is known for its sleek and simple designs, perfect for the professional man. The band is slightly thinner compared to watches in other Seiko lines, to allow for an extremely comfortable wearing experience. With watches in the Seiko Brightz line are available in a range of different precious metals and designs, you are sure to find a model suited exactly for your tastes.