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About Chameleon

Rolex Chameleon - Rolex's finest wristwatch for sophisticated women

The Rolex Chameleon is a line of ladies' cocktail watches by the Swiss luxury watchmaker, sold between the 1950s and 1960s. As the line has been retired for decades, the Chameleon is one of the most valuable vintage watches that the Rolex brand has to offer. While Rolex may have the image of being a watch focuses on its mens line, the designers at the watchmakers managed to create a delicate and elegant watch suitable for the most sophisticated of professional women. Own a piece of Rolex history with the Rolex Chameleon.


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Women's > Chameleon

The Rolex Chameleon is a line of ladies' watches designed for sophisticated women to wear to cocktail parties. The Chameleon was sold between the 1950s to 1960s and was discontinued in the latter part of the decade. Due to its rarity and classic look, the Rolex Chameleon is one of the most valuable vintage women's watches on the second-hand market.

Many of the watches in the Chameleon line come with interchangeable bracelets in different colors to provide the wearer with a variety of different looks for whatever the occasion. The band is designed for a petite woman in mind, with the width of the bracelet being a small 1.5cm.

The Rolex Chameleon has not been in Rolex's lineup for over 40 years, but as per with Rolex's excellent customer service, the watchmaker still services any vintage Chameleon models brought to them. The Chameleon is a classic piece of Rolex history that has stood the test of time. For those looking for the elegance of yesterday in a single timepiece, look no further than the Rolex Chameleon.