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About Explorer II

Rolex Explorer II - The watch for the adventurers around the world

The Rolex Explorer II is a line of sports watches designed for mountaineering, produced by Swiss luxury watchmakers Rolex. The Rolex Explorer II replaced the original Explorer I model in 1971. The new features of the Explorer II include a 24-hour indication that can be used to set a second time-zone. This feature, among other things, was designed with professional cavers and climbers in mind, as reliable temporal orientation is invaluable when it comes to expeditions. Due to its technical prowess and sleek design, the Rolex Explorer II remains as one the Swiss brand's most enduring and iconic models.


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Men's > Explorer II

The Rolex Explorer II has its roots in the Rolex Explorer I, the first iteration of this iconic line. The Rolex Explorer I was the product of decades worth of research into mountaineering. Rolex sent countless of their timepieces on expeditions across the Himalayas, in pursuit of creating the ultimate hiker's watch. The most famous of all these expeditions was Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay's history-making ascent to the peak of Everest. While technologically much has changed in the time between the production of the first Explorer and the Explorer II's release, the spirit and design of the watch remain essentially the same.

Some of the new features seen on the Rolex Explorer II include the 24-hour indication, which allows the wearer to set a second time-zone. The dial is also designed to have excellent readability, even in dark conditions, so that wearer can use the watch in even the most adverse conditions. Unlike the Rolex GMT-Master, which also has a feature to set multiple time-zones, the bezel of the Rolex Explorer II is fixed.

The Rolex Explorer II is one of the brand's most enduring lines, popular with hobbyist and professional hikers and sportspeople alike. In 2016 the Explorer Model saw another update in the 214270 Explorer model. The new Explorer has a 39mm Oystersteel case with a jet black dial and Chromalight technology. The Explorer is a classic sports model, available in steel, making it one of Rolex's more affordable lines. For those who want a watch suitable for both long treks and a sophisticated luncheon, look no further than the Rolex Explorer II.