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Omega Speedmaster - The timepiece of choice for those who dream of the beyond

The Speedmaster was first released by the Swiss watchmaker Omega in 1957, where it was introduced as a sports and racing chronograph. The watch is often referred to as the "Moonwatch," as the Omega Speedmaster boasts the title of being the first watch ever worn on the Moon. Over 60 years later, the Speedmaster remains as one of Omega's most iconic models, boasting celebrity ambassadors such as Buzz Aldrin, Tom Hanks, Michael Phelps, and Cindy Crawford. Alongside the classic Speedmaster, you can also find analog-digital and automatic mechanical watches in the Speedmaster line. Own your own piece of history with the Omega Speedmaster.


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The first Speedmaster watch was released in 1957 by the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Omega. The watch was introduced as a sports and racing chronograph, which complimented Omega's role as the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games. The first model of the Speedmaster was known as the "Broad Arrow" and was designed by the legendary Swiss watchmaker Claude Balloid. This debut version of the Speedmaster already featured some of the features that would later become the hallmarks of the Speedmaster watch. The tripe-register chronograph, the Plexiglas crystal, and the high-contrast index markers would all become staples of the later Speedmaster models.

The Speedmaster made history in 1969 when it became the first watch to be worn on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission. The Professional model of the Speedmaster still remains one of the several watches qualified by NASA for spaceflight. Despite its galactic achievements, the Speedmaster was not originally designed for space exploration. Several commercially available chronograph watches were bought by NASA and put through vigorous testing to determine which timepiece should be chosen for the lunar mission. The Speedmaster beat out the other watches and the rest is history.

Since the moon landing, the Speedmaster became the watch of choice of many celebrities, including the likes of Hollywood actor Tom Hanks. Omega has produced a large number of limited-edition variants of the "Moon watch" design, celebrating the important anniversaries and events relating to the Moon landing. Due to its timeless design and historical importance, the Speedmaster is the perfect addition to any watch aficionado's collection.