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About Reguno

Citizen Reguno - The class and quality of a Citizen watch at a lower price tag

Reguno is a sub-brand of of lower-priced watches that are currently only available on the Japanese domestic market. While Reguno watches have a relatively low price tag compared to its parent company, you can still expect the same level of quality and care found in Citizen watches. Reguno models are made of stainless steel and fitted with Citizen's Eco-Drive solar powered technology. Reguno make watches in a variety of styles for both men and women, meaning that it's easy to find a watch that suits your sense of style, no matter what your tastes. Enjoy the class and quality of Citizen watches for a cut of the price!


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Women's > Reguno

Reguno is the Japanese luxury watchmaker Citizen's more affordable sub-brand, mainly producing timepieces around the 13,000 yen price mark. The watches are designed to be a more lower-priced alternative to Citizen's watches in their main lines. Reguno produces watches for both men are women in a plethora of styles that suit a variety of tastes. Reguno also has lines of pair watches designed for couples and watches that feature famous characters from companies such as Disney.

While Reguno is Citizen's more affordable sub-brand, they do not compromise when it comes to functionality. Reguno watches are fitted with solar power technology which the watches to charge by the power of solar energy. Some Reguno models are also fitted with radio-wave capabilities which allow for the most accurate time reading experience no matter where you are in the world.

Citizen was founded in 1930 as a joint venture by Japanese and Swiss investors. At this time Citizen manufactured pocketwatches and had yet to release their first wristwatch to market. The brand name Citizen was registered in Switzerland by Rodolphe Schmid in 1918 and relied heavily on technology transfers by Swiss inventors. Despite the devastation that the Second World War created, Citizen thrived and soon became known as one of Japan's most recognizable watchmakers. Citizen was much loved by early stars of the silver screen and one could often see Citizen watches on the wrists of actors and actresses in the early era of film. With a rich history of over 100 years, it's no wonder that Citizen is one of the most trusted and aspirational watchmakers in the entire world.