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Citizen Q&Q - the Quality and Quantity you expect from Citizen

Q&Q is Japanese watchmaker Citizen's range of economically-priced wristwatches that don't compromise on quality. The first Q&Q brand watches went on sale around the world in 1976 with sales surpasses 500 million units by 2018. The watches in the Q&Q line have more contemporary designs compared to Citizen's other ranges but are still suitable to wear in a professional setting. Q&Q stands for "Quality and Quantity," the name reflecting Citizen's dedication to delivering a mass-produced watch that retains Citizen's high standard.


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Women's > Q&Q

With its first range of products released in 1976, Citizen's Q&Q has been sold around the world in more than 120 countries. Despite being a lower-cost model from Citizen's line up of timepieces, many watches in the Q&Q line are fitted with GPA and solar charging technologies, meaning you never have to set your timezone or replace a battery.

In 2014 Q&Q released their Smile Solar series, becoming one of their most popular lines yet. The Smile Solar is built with Citizen's top-grade technology while still being one of the cheapest solar-powered watches on the market. Using Citizen's revolutionary Eco-Drive technology, the Smile Solar can generate power from even the dimmest of light sources.

One of Q&Qs most attractive features is their funky and contemporary designs, with something for every conceivable consumer. The simple design of Q&Q watches allows for versatility when it comes to pairing it with an outfit, yet its interesting design allows the wearer to show their personality. The Smile Solar line of Q&Q watches has featured collaborations with companies such as Disney, as well as partnering with charities such as Table for Two.