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Citizen Promaster - A watch for the explorers and adventurers of the world

Timepieces in the Citizen Promaster line are the choice sports watch for made for professionals who want to push their skills to the limit. Promaster watches come in three main varities, the Promaster Marine, the Promaster Land, and the Promaster Sky, each meticulously designed to perform under the most extreme of terrains and environments. Even with their specialist functionality, Promaster models do not compromise when it comes to style with their classic sleek designs. For those who are looking for a timepiece with unbeatable functionality without losing elegant design, look no further than the Citizen Promaster.


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Citizen was founded in 1930 as a joint venture by Japanese and Swiss investors. At this time Citizen manufactured pocketwatches and had yet to release their first wristwatch to market. The brand name Citizen was registered in Switzerland by Rodolphe Schmid in 1918 and relied heavily on technology transfers by Swiss inventors. Despite the devastation that the Second World War created, Citizen thrived and soon became known as one of Japan's most recognizable watchmakers. Citizen was much loved by early stars of the silver screen and one could often see Citizen watches on the wrists of actors and actresses in the early era of film. With a rich history of over 100 years, it's no wonder that Citizen is one of the most trusted and aspirational watchmakers in the entire world.

Promaster is Citizen's line of outdoor and sports watches, worn by many professionals and hobbyists around the world. The line debuted in 1989 that defined itself by its use of cutting-edge technology and durability, while still maintaining Citizen's classic sense of style. The Promaster celebrated its 30th birthday in 2019 by releasing three limited-edition watches. All watches in the Promaster line are fitted with Citizen's patented Eco-Drive solar power technology. If you're looking for a watch that is equal parts durable and stylish, then look no further than Citizen Promaster.

There are currently three sub-lines under the Promaster name, the Promaster Marine, the Promaster Land, and the Promaster Sky. The Promaster Marine is designed to be used by divers and is equipped for 1,000-meter water saturation and is powered purely by solar energy. The next model is the Promaster line is the Promaster Land, designed for hikers and those who travel across a variety of terrain and fitted with Citizen's groundbreaking Stellite Wave technology. The last sub-line in this series of watches is the Promaster Sky which has been specifically designed with pilots and aviation professionals in mind, with Citizen's cutting edge Eco-Drive and Global Radio-Controlled functions being the centerpiece of the Promaster Sky models.