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Casio Oceanus - Revolutionary wristwatches exclusive to Japan

Casio Oceanus is a line of luxury wristwatches that uses technology from Casio's G-Shock and Wave Ceptor series. Each Oceanus watch is characterized by a five-motor drive, titanium carbide band, and durable analog face that provides superior scratch resistance. All Oceanus models also have Multi-Band, an auto-synchronization function that uses radio waves from European, North American, Japanese, and Chinese time signals for incredible accuracy. The Oceanus lineup is divided into four distinct sub-series: Oceanus 600, Oceanus 700, Oceanus 1000 Series Manta, and Oceanus Cachalot. People love Oceanus watches for their durable, attractive design and innovative, reliable technology.


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In 2014, Casio created the first wristwatch in the world with a hybrid movement which allows it to sync the exact time by simultaneously using atomic clock radio signals and GPS satellites. The Oceanus series, with their radio-controlled and solar-powered chronographs, also boast the same innovative hybrid system. This is such a feat because until this technology was invented, high reception sensitivity would generally cause watches to auto-tune into weak radio waves. Casio has developed a revolutionary method that turns this disadvantage into a benefit by incorporating a mechanism into the design that not only draws in light to strengthens the waves, but also adds to the watches' visual appeal. Oceanus's combination of a stylish design and the unique feature-set of the hybrid movement is an achievement in fusing elegance with functionality.

The simplest of Oceanus's four sub-series is the Oceanus 600 line, which offers a generally more affordable selection of beautiful chronograph watches. Watches in the Oceanus Cachalot series, designed for marine sports, include a rotating bezel and yacht timer chronograph. The Oceanus 700 series features an analog face with a special subdial to show the status of ocean tides in the current time zone. Complete with sapphire crystal and Multi-band 5 technology, the Oceanus 1000 Series Manta is the most versatile and expensive of the entire range. While its style closely resembles the 600 series, it is thinner than watches from both the 600 and 700 series.

Since they're charged with light using Casio's Tough Solar technology, Oceanus watches never need a battery replacement. All watches from the Oceanus series are also waterproof. Oceanus watches don't have a crown, so wearers are free to move their wrist without being poked by any protrusions. The slim, lightweight designs from the Oceanus line are so comfortable that you may even forget you're wearing a watch at all!