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Casio > Women's > Baby-G

About Baby-G

Casio Baby-G - G-Shock's cute (but still tough) little sister

Casio's Baby-G line of wristwatches was created in 1991 as a more feminine counterpart to the wildly popular G-Shock series. Baby-G models are cute and fashionable but their G-Shock durability is proven with the capability to survive 10-meter drops and 10-bar water pressure. In terms of functionality, they are shock- and water-resistant, have multiple daily alarms and stopwatch functions, and offer the same 10-year battery life as G-Shock timepieces. Though Baby-G watches match G-Shock's renowned toughness, they are softened by a more lightweight design and array of color options. Overall, Baby-G watches strike a refreshing balance between style, practicality, and resilience.


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Women's > Baby-G

The launch of the original G-Shock line was revolutionary due to Casio's achievements in durability in a time when wristwatches were regarded as delicate, easily breakable accessories. G-Shock's hardy inner workings are highlighted by a masculine appearance, designed throughout to attract physically active male customers. However, the technology used to accomplish G-Shock's shock and water resistance has a market that expands beyond athletic men. Over time, Casio realized that there was a demand for a more womanly design and thus Baby-G was born.

Baby-G is great for those who want a cute everyday watch that has a lot of personality but is worry-free in pretty much any environment. By design, they're unaffected by things like strong impacts, shaking, and water. Just like G-Shock models, Baby-G watches also also offer handy features like an LED backlit display, wire guards, and protective bezel structures. Baby-G's extreme water resistance means that they can easily endure trips to the ocean, pool, ski slopes, and most other outdoor activities.

The Baby-G line also places importance on comfort. In contrast to their heavy-duty and rugged nature, the actual frames of the watches are light and easy to wear on a daily basis. You may even forget you're wearing a Baby-G watch while you're engaging in physical activity, since the bands are made to remain comfortable even in the face of sweat and friction. They're an especially great option for runners, since some are equipped with lap timers and other useful functions. Whether you need a practical timepiece that can withstand the elements of an active lifestyle or just want to express yourself with a standout accessory, Baby-G covers all the bases.