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About Pro Trek

Casio Pro Trek - the watch that keeps you in touch with the natural world around you.

Anyone who has ever owned a Casio watch knows they offer quality and strength. Casio's Pro Trek line, geared towards the outdoor enthusiast, is no exception to this rule. Equipped with a variety of features necessary for any adventure into nature, Casio's Pro Trek is the ideal outdoor watch. Using Casio's renowned engineering, the Pro Trek is able to respond to the unpredictability of nature with cutting-edge technology that measures direction, barometric pressure, altitude, and temperature. The watches within the Pro Trek line are not only functional but stylish with their sleek and modern design. As Casio is constantly updating the technologies in their Pro Trek line, it is the perfect partner for any outdoor activity.


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Men's > Pro Trek

The Pro Trek line is known for its original technology engineered by Casio for the outdoor lover. The Pro Trek line is equipped with a triple sensor which delivers accurate readings of barometric pressure, altitude, and direction which makes it ideal for activities ranging from hiking to mountain biking. This line also has the ability to recharge with solar power, meaning that no matter what sticky situation you may find yourself in, the Pro Trek has your back! Alongside other Casio models, the Pro Trek is also receptive to Casio's Multi Band 6 terrestrial radio wave allowing for automatic time correction in Japan, North America, UK, Europe and China. The Pro Trek line also functions with the Casio Smart Access System which provides fast, intuitive access to all of the key functions of the watch via an electronic crown. Casio's Pro Trek is also well-suited for fishing and diving enthusiasts with the watch being checked for watertightness up to 20 bar.

Casio's Pro Trek line is most known for its superior screen visibility and user-friendliness. During the Pro Trek line's development, Casio heard from experienced hikers who explained that the most important feature of a watch to an outdoor enthusiast is user-interface, screen visibility and clear display. With these three things in mind, the Pro Trek line was developed to have superior accuracy and user-friendliness compared to other models on the market, while still maintaining Casio's sleek design.

Due to the Pro Trek's exceptional design and functionality, it is a firm favorite among nature-lovers regardless of age or gender. Casio's Pro Trek line provides a high level of customizability, boasting both analog and digital models as well as the ability to choose a watch with specific functions that fit your needs exactly. For example, the PRW-7000 from Pro Trek's Multi Field Line is suited for any terrain, whether than by mountains, rivers or sea, meaning it is a popular choice for those who enjoy exploring all aspects of nature. However, the Pro Trek is not just a watch for the hard-core outdoor enthusiast. The PRW-3100 and PRW-3000 series are multifunctional, yet retain a light and smooth design, so they are a popular choice for those who prefer to enjoy nature at a more relaxed pace. With Casio's high-caliber engineering, polished design and attention to detail, outdoor fans are sure to find the perfect watch within the Pro Trek line.