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About Super Rare (SR)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Super Rare (SR) Cards

In the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game, Super Rare (SR) cards are a category of cards that can be used in the Main Deck. Obtainable in Booster Packs, Structure Decks and Starter Decks, Super Rare cards are rarer than Rare cards but more common than Ultra Rare Cards. Super Rare cards are identified by having a holofoil illustration with the name of the card printed in regular ink. Some examples of Super Rare cards include Fabled Grimro, Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer, Effect Veiler, and Vennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes.


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Cards > Super Rare (SR)

A Super Rare (SR) card in the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game is a card that has a higher chance of occurring in a Booster Pack, Structure Decks, and Starter Decks than a Rare card, but less of a chance of appearing compared to the Super Rare cards. After the release of Yu-Gi-Oh's first DS game, Nightmare Troubadour, promotional video game cards were all classified as Super Rare. After the release of the DS game Stardust Accelerator, video game promo cards were re-classified as Ultra Rare. However, the European editions of the game still classified these cards under Super Rare.

Starter Decks and Structure Decks usually contain two Super Rare-ranked cards. The Super Rare cards that will appear in the decks are always predetermined. Starting in the Breakers of Shadow Booster Pack, the chance of a Super Rare card appearing was raised from 1:5 to 3:4.