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About Ultimate Rare (UTR)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Rare (UTR) Cards

In the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game, Ultimate Rare (UTR) cards are a category of cards that can be used in the Main Deck. Obtainable in Booster Packs and Card Sets, Secret Rare cards are rarer than Ultra Rare cards but more common than Parallel Rare Cards. Ultimate Rare cards are identifiable by their "embossed" foil on the card illustration. This foil is also seen on the cards Attribute icon and Level stars. Like the Ultra Rare-ranked cards, the card name is printed in gold. On the second-hand market, Ultimate Rare cards are often considered more valuable than other card classifications, despite their effectiveness in play only being slightly above average. An example of an Ultimate Rare card is the Odd Eyes Rebellion Dragon.


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When Ultimate Rare (UTR) cards were first introduced in the Trading Card Game, the cards only used foil partially, often just on the background of the illustration. From the release of the Soul of the Duelist and the Enemy of Justice Booster Packs, the entire card illustration was embossed in holofoil. From the Duelist Revolution Booster Packs onwards, the card border and text border are embossed in foil as well.

This card rarity is difficult for Scalers to find, as the card weight is very close to that of a Common ranked card. In the Trading Card Gae, the cards printed as Ultimate Rare are also printed at a lower rarity if found in the same Booster Pack. When an Ultimate Rare card is scanned, the embossed image is indistinct from the background of the illustration. Despite not being amazingly effective in play, Ultimate Rare cards are often considered far more valuable compared to other card classifications on the second-hand market.