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About Secret Rare (SCR)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Secret Rare (SCR) Cards

In the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game, Secret Rare (SCR) cards are a category of cards that can be used in the Main Deck. Obtainable in Card Sets, Secret Rare cards are rarer than Ultra Rare cards but more common than Ultimate Rare Cards. Secret Rare cards are identified by having a holofoil name and an illustration printed with parallel holofoil. The cards use a special type of holofoil known as parallel holofoil, which takes its name from the parallel dot effect on the illustration. Examples of Secret Rare cards includes Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare.


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Cards > Secret Rare (SCR)

Secret Rare (SCR) cards are described as having silver holofoil lettering on the card name and using parallel holofoil on the card illustration which appears. The parallel holofoil is instantly recognizable by its signature diagonal pattern made with dots that run parallel to each other. On first edition Secret Rare cards, the foil sometimes "spills over", creating a thin layer of foil beyond the illustration's border. This can also be seen in some Super Rare cards.

In sets that pre-date the Booster Pack Tactical Evolution, Secret Rare cards were either all the first or last cards in a set. Since the OCG Series 4 Booster Pack, a Secret Rare card has not appeared in OCG Booster Packs until the release of The New Challenger Booster Pack in 2014. Before the release of The Shining Darkness the OCG set, odds of getting a Secret Rare in a Booster Pack was 1:31. In the Trading Card Game, all Secret Rare cards use a diagonal foil pattern, excluding the Prismatic Secret Rare cards.