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About Rare (R)

Yu-Gi-Oh Rare (R) Monster Cards

In the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game, Rare (R) cards are a category of cards that can be used in the Main Deck. Rare cards are similar in appearance to Common cards, however the card name letters are printed in silver or black holofoil. Holofoil is not used in the main illustration of the card. Currently, the odds of getting a Rare-ranked card in a Booster Pack is 1:1. Rare cards are the second most common in rarity next to the Common Cards. There are also special Colored Rare cards that are given away as Duelist League participation cards. Limited-edition black and white Rare-ranked cards were also available in the TCG set, Battle Pack: Epic Dawn and Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants. Some examples of Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Rare cards include Shiranui Sunsaga, Envoy of Chaos and Buster Blader.


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Though in the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game, Normal-ranked Monsters have no immediate effects on gameplay, there are often Spell, Trap, or Monster effects associated with specific cards. In order for Normal cards to be utilized in the TGC, the Normal Monsters must be used in conjunction with other cards. For example, the dark "Dark Magic Attack" must be used with the "Dark Magician" in order to have any effect in play.

Some Normal Monster cards that also fall under the Pendulum Monster and Tuner Monster card categories. Originally Normal Monsters were the most common cards released in the Trading Card Game, but as the game's strategies evolved, fewer Normal-ranked cards were released or reprinted. Some examples of Normal Monster cards include Blue-Eyes White Drago, Labyrinth Wall, Dark Magician, Galaxy Serpent, Odd Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon, and Hallo Hallo.