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About Parallel Rare (PR)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Parallel Rare (PR) Cards

Parallel Rare is a generic term given to Yu-Gi-Oh cards that are completely covered in holographic foil. The term Parallel Rare encompasses many different sub categories inclduing "Normal Parallel Rare", "Super Parallel Rare", "Duel Terminal Normal Parallel Rare", "Ultra Paralell Rare", and "Secret Parallel Rare". Parallel Rares are further categorized by how they were made, how they feel, and the general pattern to the parallel holographic coating.


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Since Parallel Rare cards have been printed, players of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game has distinguished four different parallel holographic varieties of the cards. The first variety of holographic film was used on Non-Duel Terminal Parallel Rare cards and makes the card hard and rigid. The second variety is specifically used on the Duel Terminal Parallel Rares, and the small circular dots that create the so-called "parallel" effect can be clearly seen. The third variety was used since the release of the DT09 and is identified by its "broken glass" pattern holofoil. The fourth variety has been used since DTC1 sets onwards, with the holofoil featuring a square pattern.