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Disney Tsum Tsum Squeaky Rubber Buns

Unboxing: Disney TSUM TSUM Items

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<p>Good morning, guys. Well, it’s morning here in Japan and I hope you all slept well. And so, the first thing I’m going to do, today’s morning: unboxing! Can’t complain about that, can I? I think giving a knife to me is such a bad idea—a cutter—but, first thing in the morning, as well. I guess my company trusts me a lot. I wouldn’t. Yes, so, apparently we had an accident. As you can see, we kind of taped this box in a weird way because this box was delivered to our company and our secretary, she wasn’t aware that these are unboxing items, so she went ahead and opened it. So, the unboxing actually already happened but she didn’t open any of the items, so we just stuck the box back. And… Let’s pretend it never happened! So, oh! Let's open this box. So, let’s see. Let me show you. What are we unboxing exactly today?</p> <h4>[NoseChara - Disney Tsum Tsum Girls Version]</h4> <p>Yea! Ooh, so, today we are unboxing Tsum Tsum. With these ones, you can have fun piling the Tsum Tsum up in all sorts of different ways. I like big butts—Okay, I’ll stop. There are different versions of this one and we got the Disney princess one. Yee! Oh, god… And, nope, it still doesn’t open. My top favorite princess will be… Let’s go for Belle from Beauty and the Beast. So, she’s going to go on the top. She has, like, tiny legs and she’s so chubby. I guess that’s how Tsum Tsums look like, right? Can’t say I’m in love with Alice, so she’ll go at the bottom. She’s, like, wearing diapers. The girl I don’t know the name of, the princess with long hair, the Tangled one. Again, she’ll go at the bottom. Ariel is so cute. Look at Ariel. Okay, Ariel goes on the top because of her funky little tail. So, these four are princesses from my childhood and I guess these are going to be my favorite ones. Ta-da! Oh, actually that’s cute. And then we have Snow White, Ariel… What’s Snow White’s name? She’s, like, “Snow White?” Whoa… Oh no. And, slow and gently—Ooh! Nice. A little shaking hand… Wow. So, here are some combinations we have for reference but, I’ll just try to make my own. Okay, she’s trying to climb up. And she’s just like, “No,” trying to push her down. To be honest, just lining up them like this in a straight line gives so much satisfaction because they are so colorful and pretty and round and chubby and just… I want to squeeze them. Ah, come on, come on! I can see they made Rapunzel very pretty with, like, little flowers in her hair. I don’t think she had those in the Disney movie. Yay! Clap clap clap. I’m pretty sure that they will, like, fall in the next three minutes while I unbox other items. Okay, they’re still there. Ooh! Stay… And they did. Good girls! That’s good enough.</p> <h4>[Disney Tsum Tsum Bottle Eraser - 6-Type Set]</h4> <p>We have these adorable-looking things, let me show you. Here. Whoa. So, like, small plastic bottle-y things with, like, tiny little Tsum Tsum-shaped… Are these candies? Oh! Maybe erasers? Oh, this is so—These are so cute. But if these are erasers, I don’t think you can actually erase anything because they’re so tiny! We have Mickey, right? Mickey Tsum Tsum. And we have Winnie the Pooh. He’s so cute. And then we have Donald Duck. Literally, right now I’m testing my knowledge of Disney movies. This dude is from Monster Academy, right? I don’t know his name, I’m sorry, but yea. He’s pretty cute as well. We have Minnie. She’s so cute. Here we have the… Donald Duck’s girlfriend. I have no idea what her name is, but… And, you know what I want to do? I just want to, like… Yea! Here I go. Ahem. Well, so far, so… not very good, but… Okay, this is the reality. This is what happens when you use these tiny erasers. Are these erasers, actually? There’s nothing written on the box and they don’t erase much, they just make a mess. I’ll just get one Winnie the Pooh. Pooh. Do you pronounce his name as “poo?” I’m sorry. Okay, so, my honest opinions: the erasers are very cute, very fun, just to have and look at, maybe play, and maybe pile up as well. But as erasers themselves, they just don’t function.</p> <h4>[Disney Tsum Tsum Round Stamps - 15-Piece Set]</h4> <p>Here we have… I guess these are stamps. Let me just use… I don’t know who he is or she is, but I’m going to use him—she, her. Her—it. Yea, let’s go for it. Let’s go cover up the rubber mess we made. Rubber—eraser mess. Yea, this is adorable. Okay, let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s go with pink. Yea, it’s perfect. Whew! This one works well. Let’s go with Stitch. Let’s stamp, yea! That’s cute. So far, I have just a collection of these colorful, amazing items. And again, just having them lying down here on my table brings me so much joy and satisfaction.</p> <h4>[Disney Tsum Tsum Sticker Book - 500 Stickers]</h4> <p>And these are so cute. What is this?, what are these? These are stickers. There are so many of them, wow! And all the stickers are—So, okay, I should show you probably, right? I’m enjoying this too much by myself. But yep, here we have Tsum Tsum sticker book. And here we have some sexy Tsum Tsum butts. The sketchy ones—Sketchy? The, like, sketch, sketchy ones. So, all sorts of different stickers… Hm! Yep, so this is so adorable. The book itself is really cute. It’s, like, you know, glittery and shiny—so pretty. Addition to my item collection. And, which brings me to—I think—my final item of today’s unboxing video—whoa, which is pretty heavy and big.</p> <h4>[Disney Tsum Tsum Nagashi-sōmen Electric Machine]</h4> <p>Oh, wow. Okay. This is amazing. So, as you can see, this is, like, a machine and… This is used to serve and eat a type of noodles and usually we eat them in summer because you eat them straight out of cold, chilly, cool water. The water is constantly running and, so, people sit along the bamboo tube thingy and the noodles are being put inside of the water and, so the noodles flow. And that’s how we have these “flowing noodles.” It’s so hot in Japan in summer, right? Cool, chilled noodles straight from the water—and just catching them is so much fun. And so, that’s the traditional way of eating it: going to the restaurant and having this bamboo tube thing and getting your noodles from there but, I guess some people loved it so much that they created the machine which you can use to eat nagashi-somen. It’s a great way to experience Japanese culture. And this type of thing is so unique to Japan so, if you want to maybe bring a souvenir from Japan or if you just want to get something very Japanese for yourself or your friend, I guess this is, like, the best thing. And today’s theme is Tsum Tsum, so we have this machine and this pretty box is Tsum Tsum. So, I guess it’s in collaboration with Disney and Tsum Tsum, right? Ideally, this machine is for two people but I can easily see up to four or five people using it at a party—right?—to serve noodles. What is that? Oh, the machine is so cute. Look at it. And it’s, like—I don’t know if you can see it, but this, like, has, like, sparkles all over it. So, it’s, like, a sparkling Tsum Tsum machine. Okay, so, we have the base and then, on the top, we have this part. So, well, I can see this going on top, right? Alright, so, in order to make the machine work, you will need two batteries. Once you open the battery case, you can see how big the size is supposed to be. In Japanese, it’s size 2. So, big, chunky batteries—two of them—to make this thing work. And then you just put the water inside the basin, the base line. And then, the battery is inside here. This space here is for the topping. Here you can put wasabi, “horseradish” is what you call it. And spring onions or whatever topping you like with your noodles. And so, the topping goes here and then you will have your—the dip. So, you have the topping here. Usually what I do is put the topping inside the dip/soup/sauce thing. Get your noodles prepared! I have some here. So, let me push the button and see what happens. Whoa, wow. The water keeps flowing around, right? And now it’s pretty strong. The power is strong. This should get my noodles flowing. Let’s see if it works. So, here I have some noodles. Just let’s take them out, trying not to break them. You see how long these are? Alright, and here we go, inside! This is so cool. Okay, this is actually the thing. This is actually how it works. So, the noodles are flowing around, right? Why is this cool? Because, so, here—If you have just dry noodles, they’re all stuck together and kind of disgusting, right? So, we don’t want to eat this. We want to put these in water, so they get separated. They get chilled. They’re cooled down. And then, you go ahead and test your chopstick skills and catch the noodles, take them out, and put in the sauce and in your mouth. So, here I go. Just stick your chopsticks in and then the noodles will naturally, like, get tangled, right? So, and here you have your noodles. Get them out, dip them in, and go for it. This is perfect. This is the actual thing. The only thing I’m regretting is not getting the topping. So, let me put more and see—How many noodles can I actually get in one go? Okay, I’ll be girly and I’ll get—eat little by little, right? Mmm.</p> <p>So, I guess this is it for today. Today was amazing. I really enjoyed this part of the unboxing: eating. We had our stickers. We had our stamps. And we had our erasers which do not erase, but which are adorable. And we had this NoseChara, the little figurines which you put on top of each other to make all sorts of ridiculous, fun arrangements. Thank you for sticking ’til the end of the video, guys. I had so much fun. I hope you enjoyed the items we introduced to you today. So, again, thank you for using our service. Thank you for having interest in FROM JAPAN and thank you for watching our videos. Please let us know what videos you would like to see next time. What kind of—What would you like to get unboxed here? And, we’ll just do our best to accommodate your wishes and requests. See you, hopefully next time. Bye!</p>

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