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About Tomica Premium

Tomica Premium - Premium by name, premium by nature!

Tomica is a range of die-cast toy vehicles produced since 1970 by Japanese toy giant Takara Tomy Co. Tomica Premium is Tomica's line of cars that are marketed towards adults who played with the die-cast toy cars in their childhood. Takara Tomy released the first cars in the Tomica Premium collection in 2015, and was a hit with Tomica beginners and hardcore collectors alike. The Tomica Premium line uses the highest-quality materials, with the models being based on real-life models of a variety of vehicles. Unlike other Tomica lines, Tomica Premium create scale models of not just automobiles, but also planes, boats, rockets, and trains. Relive your childhood with Tomica Premium!


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Tomica is a line of small die-cast model cars that have been manufactured by Takara Tomy since 1970. The name Tomica is a shortened version of "Tomy's Car." Tomica is one of Takara Tomy's most popular series of toys, capturing the imaginations of children and collectors alike. What sets Tomica apart from other die-cast toy cars are the many functional details such as the doors that open and close as well as working suspension.

Tomica Premium is Tomica's line of realistic scale models of vehicles including cars, boats, spacecraft, tanks, and trucks. The Premium line was first released in January 2015 at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Tomica Premium differs from most other Tomica lines, as you can find all sorts of vehicles for sale apart from cars. Tomica plans to explore the world of planes, boats and even buildings in future Tomica Premium lines. The models in the Tomica Premium use a hard plastic for the wheels, not rubber like toy cars found in the Tomica Limited line.

There have been around 50 releases in the Tomica Premium line to date, with the line to celebrate its fifth birthday in 2020. Some popular models of Tomica Premium include the Morita Wildfire Fire Truck, the SDF Type 90 Tank, the Volkswagen Type II, the Lamborghini Countach LP500S, and the Lexus RC F GT500.