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Tomica is a line of die-cast toy vehicles produced by Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy. The series has been popular with children and collectors alike since Tomica's debut in 1970. As Takara Tomy are well-known for their love and care when it comes to creating Tomica models, making the toy cars one of the toy company's most popular products. The Japanese toy giant has collaborated with many automobile manufacturers from around the world to create Tomica versions of their taxi models.


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Service Vehicles ・Taxi

Takara Tomy has collaborated with a variety of car manufacturers to create Tomica versions of popular taxi models. While most of the taxis in the Tomica range are models from Japanese automobile manufacturers, there have been some police cars based on famous taxis from European and American cities, such as the classic yellow New York City cab. Some other popular Tomica taxi models include the Toyota Crown Comfort taxi, the Mazda Atenza Owner Driver taxi, the Nissan NV200 New York City taxi, and the Nissan Serena taxi.

Tomica is a line of small die-cast model vehicles that have been manufactured by Takara Tomy since 1970. The name is a shortened version of "Tomy's Car." Tomica has been one of Takara Tomy's most enduring toy lines, popular with children and collectors alike. What sets Tomica apart from other die-cast toy cars is the many functional details, such as doors that open and close and working suspension.

Tomica first began producing its die-cast toy cars in 1970, with this wave of products being known as the "Tomica Domestic Series". At the time Tomy was only producing Japanese branded cars and trucks and these types of Tomica cars were also known as "Red & White Box" due to their packaging designs. At first cars under this line were coupes and sedans, but later other types of vehicles were added such as taxis, buses, trucks, commercial and construction vehicles. Tomica first began producing Tomica of non-Japanese cars in 1976, to compete in the global toy market.