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About Disney

Disney Tomica - Your favorite Disney characters, on wheels!

Disney Tomica is a series of Tomica die-cast toy cars by Takara Tomy. Tomica have been produced since 1970, with the Disney Tomica line debuting in 2004. Disney Tomica are defined by their resemblance to characters from Disney and Pixar productions. Unlike most other Tomica models, Disney Tomica reference fanciful designs that do not exist in real life. Disney Tomica's wide variety makes them highly collectible and the Japan-only exclusivity of some models means that they can be considered quite rare.


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Limited-edition Models > Disney

Tomica's Disney collections include multiple models within the General Series, the D Series, the DM Series, the DMT Series, the DMEX Series, and the C Series. The One section of the general Disney Tomica line features classic Disney characters portrayed as working everyday jobs. Some examples include Goofy as a mobile baker, Mickey Mouse as a police officer, Minnie as a florist on wheels, and Donald Duck as a garbage man. The DM Series' numbering system restarted in 2012 and there are also many special-edition holiday DM Series Tomica throughout the line.

Disney's Cars provides the perfect foundation for the meeting of Disney and Tomica, which is why it makes sense for there to be quite a lot of Disney Tomica Cars models. The Tomica C-Series features favorites from the Pixar-Disney franchise, such as Lightning McQueen, Mater, master spy Finn McMissile, the lovely Sally, power couple Ramone and Flo, Dr. Hudson Hornet, Fillmore the hippie, sharp British spy Holley Shiftwell, and the flamboyant Francesco Bernoulli.

Multiple Disney Tomica sets have also been released which include more than one themed toy car. For example, the collection commemorating Tokyo Disneyland's 35th anniversary comes with three classic-style limited-edition cars featuring Mickey, Minnie, and Donald. Tomica isn't limited to cars though, as you can also get products like the Disney Vehicle Collection set that offers a model helicopter, ship, and train! Lots of other popular toy vehicle sets are offered within the Tomica Disney line, with unique design themes inspired by popular Disney and Pixar movies like Toy Story, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Wall-E, Lilo and Stitch, Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Nemo and more. There are also entire sets that revolve around individual characters such as Tinkerbell, Winnie the Pooh, and Stitch.