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About Tomica Limited

Tomica Limited - High-quality limited-edition Tomica

Tomica is a line of diecast toy vehicles produced by Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy. The series has been popular with children and collectors alike since Tomica's debut in 1970. Takara Tomy has worked closely with the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan over the years to bring out many well-known Nissan vehicles as miniature Tomica models. These Nissan Tomica have been released under many popular sub-lines of Tomica including Tomica Event and the Tomica Limited Series. Some of the most popular Nissan models of Tomica include mini-versions of the Nissan Leaf, Nissan Fairley, Nissan GT-R Note, and the Nissan IDS Concept.


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Tomy Co. was founded in 1924 by Eijira Tomiyama in Tokyo. The company has produced a variety of toys but, due to the surge of interest in the global market in toy cars which was led mainly by Matchbox and Mattel's Hot Wheels, started production of the Tomica line of diecast vehicles in 1970. Although models of various scales have been made, the name Tomica normally refers to their 3-inch mainstream vehicles. Originally, the name Pocket Cars was given to Tomicas sold in the 1970s in the United States. After four decades, Tomy Corporation entered the North American and European markets again with the Tomica name in 2010.

The realistic toy cars from the Tomica Limited series are targeted towards more serious collectors. Most of the models are based on existing or discontinued Tomica Common Series vehicles. Each release in the Tomica Limited line is only available for a limited period of time, hence the name. They are packaged with a plastic sleeve surrounding them on all four sides inside open cardboard boxes.

Tomica Limited Vintage (abbreviated as TLV) is a premier line for Tomica that showcases vintage models produced in much higher quality. The wheels, lights, paint, and other finer details of Tomica Limited Vintage models are given the utmost attention and care. There is also a TLV Neo line which consists of replica cars from the 1970s and 1980s. Both of these lines are only sold in Japan.