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Unboxing: Rilakkuma Items Japanese

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Good morning, guys! And, once again, we here at FROM JAPAN are going to unbox some exciting items for you. Today's box… Heavy, as always. Today, we have cuteness overload with the… Rilakkuma bear items! Really neat packing, which was done by our staff. Ah, just check it out. All the items are lined up in a very neat way. The empty space at the top makes sure that your items are not squished—squeezed?—squished. Eugh! Ohohoh, this is so cute, already. There's some food here?

[Rilakkuma Haramaki Soft Belly Warmer]

Okay, this is something warm and soft. Okay, this is a very Japanese thing. In winter, I guess, in the cold season, to stay warm, girls—I don't think boys wear this—but girls wear this thing which is—falling apart—which is called the belly… wrap? A belly blanket? A belly sock? Ah, I'm not sure if this size will fit me… Eugh, here I go. And, as I mentioned before, I'm not sure about the size. At the back, there's also, like, a pocket and apparently, you have to put a warm-up patch in there. Warm-up patch, like, a heat-up… patch? Pad, pillow, I'm not sure, but—here, in Japan, they are all the rage, it's really popular. So, you know, you're like… You're wearing your sweater, your jeans, but then—Aahh! You have, like, a secret, warm bear heating you up.

[Rilakkuma Stamps]

Moving on, next. Maybe I want to… stamp some things, first! Because, here we have a collection of 16 different Rilakkuma stamps. It looks like it comes with a red-color and blue-color ink. And, here are all the stamps I can play with today. So, I guess these are the ink and… lots of different stamps. I have my red color here... We had an accident—Commercial break! Oh god, oh yay! Amazing news: You can easily remove ink with just an alcohol sheet! Put some ink on my stamp and go for it. It's perfect! The stamps are perfect, very clear, very vivid, with cute Rilakkuma on it. I'm just going to stamp once. I like how the stamps are so soft and so easy to use. Yellow, cute one… So, I was making a heart here. This is my little stamp art. Nice! Okay. This is what happens when you give me stamps—when you give me Rilakkuma stamps. And yep, so, again, they come, like, in this neat box. So, it's very easy to organize them, right? Like, even the ink have, like, these cute little boxes, right? Blue and red… Yea! Very compact, very neat, very nice.

[Rilakkuma Keychain Dress Up Set - Always Together]

So, for the next item, let's go with this…. What is this? Rilakkuma toy—and, he… she? He? It has, like, some cute clothes you can put on… Oh, it's, like, a keychain! Aw, I like inside of the box. It's, like, his own little… I don't know, fitting room? The head is the size of the body. Soft, fluffy bunny outfit… I love how his ears will fit, like, right into the bunny ears. It's so cute. It's so cute! Look at him. Ta-da! Look, he's so cute and warm. Oh my god, and so soft and fluffy and just—I just want to eat him, ah, okay, I'll stop. His head is massive. He's, like, barely fitting into his little pink coat. Aw, he has, like, a… Wait, we need to cover his tail. Ah, yea. Double-tail. Eugh, get in there! Take out the feet, agh. Oh, yay, finally, one foot is out. Look, it's beautiful. Aw, nice! He's so cute. Look at that. Awww—wait, oh my god, he even has a little hole for the tail. Here you go! Yea, it's perfect. Awww.

[Rilakkuma Furikake Art & Rilakkuma Nori Art]

So, next, let's move on to… food. We have this dried seaweed here, but it's not only dried seaweed, it's a seaweed shaped like Rilakkuma. Look at him… having a chill pill. Next, we also have this three-set: sleepy bear, normal bear, I guess, and the chick. And with this one, so… When you have your rice, at least in Japan, you have different seasonings to put on top to make it taste better. So… so, and usually when you put the seasoning, you just, like, sprinkle it all over the rice, but not this time! It smells of sea. At first glance, it looks a just, normal, whatever, dried seaweed. And you can see, like—You can see already, like, some Rilakkuma shapes on it. Yea, okay, so, how to use them… Whatever. Just put it on rice and sprinkle things on top? I'll go with the sleepy bear because it's just so cute and grumpy-looking. It does not look like… Oh god, wait… It's turning into a mess. This looks terribly wrong. I have, like, Mt. Fuji on top of my rice. Wait, what? Okay, so, attempt number two. Oh, god. Here I go! Oh god, oh god, oh god. Ah, I'm sweating. Okay… Yea, I think we're good. What do you think? We're good? Nods of approval. Okay, so, here we go. Ah, look! Aw, it's good. Look at it. It's almost perfect. Which should I go with? Okay, so, I'm guessing I'm just going to have to, like, push it through. Oh, aw yea! I love this one so much better. This is so easy. Look, it's perfect! It's so cute and so easy to take out. I'll just put it here. I'll just put here. This one is great. This one, get it! Like, it's so easy to use and so cute. Hm! Just going to eat this as well. Nice. I feel very accomplished. Mission completed.

[Rilakkuma Clay Art Set- Pucclay!]

Well, today is, like, full of crafts. Pu—Pucclay. Pucclay? Pucca-clay? Pucclay. This is how it's supposed to look like, and this is how it will never look like when I make it. So, we're just going to move everything away into the safe zone. This is going to be, like, the battlefield from now on. We have some clays here. We have some red-color, black, brown, and lots of white. So, first, make a color… So, first, you choose the character and then, if you trace here, they explain how much of each color you need. Maybe this is 3 mm? Can someone tell me? We measured 3 mm! Yea, it cuts through really easy. I have my pincer—whatever this is—so, maybe I can pick it up easily… yea. Okay, one. Come on, come on… How, how, how, how? You're supposed to mix this together. I'm just going to make a sandwich. So, this is like making a dough. For you who like baking, I guess this is super fun. I really want to see this magic happen because right now, it looks something like this, right? So, I'm just really curious how everything is going to blend into a single color. Here, I have the beautiful brown color of Rilakkuma. Ah. So… Ah! It's alive! Here, let me just show you this little poop-thing I made. And, just move on to the next part, which is putting all different coloring on him. Oh, ah. No, no! Oh no… No! It's good enough… I think, I hope. This is how it's supposed to look like in the end. But maybe it's not supposed to look like that, I'm pretty sure. So, and this is only one of… one, two, three, four, five. So, overall, you have five characters and, yea, I just made one of them.

I enjoyed myself and thank you guys for watching. Again, please let us know what items you would like for us to unbox and we will do our best to accommodate your request. So, okay, thank you for sticking to the end of this video and see you in the next video, hopefully. Bye bye!

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