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Rilakkuma - the world's cutest (and laziest) bear!

Rilakkuma is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company San-X, designed by the former employee Aki Kondo. The name Rilakkuma is a fusion of the words "relax" and "kuma," which means bear in Japanese. Rilakkuma is San-X's most popular intellectual property, selling millions of yens worth of items including stationery, snacks, dishware, and apparel every year! Companies such as Re-Ment have collaborated with San-X to create merchandise featuring Rilakkuma. A Netflix original series based on this character titled Rilakkuma and Kaoru premiered worldwide in April 2019.


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Rilakkuma was launched in 2003 by the Japanese company San-X, designed by their employee Aki Kondo. Kondo remarked that Rilakkuma embodied her wish at the time to lead a more relaxing life. Rilakkuma proved popular upon his release, and as of May 2010 Rilakkuma was reported to being the fifth most popular character in Japan. The first ever Rilakkuma product released was a series of picture books named Rilakkuma Seikatsu (literally translating to Rilakkuma Lifestyle.) Soon after the first Rilakkuma stuffed toys, stationery, dishware and other related merchandise were released by San-x.

Rilakkuma lives in the house of businesswoman Kaoru alongside Korilakkuma and Kiirotori. He loves to sleep and eat, and his fans are encouraged to emulate Rilakkuma's laid back way of living to reduce stress in their own lives. On Rilakkuma's back is a zipper which reveals a light blue polka dot pattern when opened. On Rilakkuma's 15 year anniversary in 2018, San-X revealed that Rilakkuma's lower half is in fact, a kigurumi, or a mascot costume. What is underneath Rilakkuma's kigurumi is unclear.

Rilakkuma has become so popular that San-X has opened several Rilakkuma-dedicated stores around Japan. Aliquantum International is the exclusive distributor of San-X products in North America and released a Rilakkuma pop-up shop in Florida in partnership with San-X. The media company Netflix produced a stop motion animation series called Rilakkuma and Kaoru which began streaming on April 19, 2019.