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About Super Smash Brothers

Super Smash Brothers amiibo - Unlock extras for Super Smash Brothers!

Amiibo is Nintendo line of toys-to-life accessories, which allows wireless communications between figures of Nintendo characters and selected Nintendo consoles. Amiibo usually come in the form of small figures in the image of various Nintendo characters, but there have also been card releases of amiibo. Amiibo unlock extra features within Nintendo games, such as adding special characters, special items, allowing for character customization, and much more. There are currently 12 waves of figures released in the Super Smash Bros. series of amiibo, with the 13th wave slated for release later in 2019. Super Smash Bros. amiibo have featured many popular characters from the series, including Mario, Link, Samus Aran, and Captain Falcon.


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amiibo > Super Smash Brothers

Super Smash Bros. amiibo are a line of figures designed for use with the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch systems compatible with Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate games. Once the amiibo is paired with the game, players can train the figurines with the amiibo, known as Figure Players in-game, to learn new fighting tactics. The amiibo will adapt it's fighting style to the player, meaning the better the player, the better the amiibo will become.

The first wave of Super Smash Bros. amiibo were released in November 2014, alongside the North American release of Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. The amiibo in this first wave included Mario, Donkey Kong, Fox, Kirby, Peach, Pikachu, Samus Aran, Villager from Animal Crossing, Wii Fit Trainer, Yoshi, and Marth. Amiibo from the Super Mario line of amiibo also work when paired with Super Smash Bros. as long as the figure in use has a corresponding fighter in the Super Smash Bros. version you are playing.