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Racing Mini 4WD - Get fast with these mini racing cars!

The Racing Mini 4WD series is the second line of toy cars produced in the Mini 4WD car line-up, first introduced by Tamiya in 1986. The line is a spinoff from the Original Mini 4WD series line that was introduced 4 years previously in 1982. After receiving customer feedback that they wanted faster versions of the mini cars, Tamiya released "Grade-Up Parts" to customize these original Mini 4WD models. Later Tamiya released the first Racing Mini 4WD kit, the Hornet Junior. The Racing Mini 4WD line became a huge success in Japan and soon the kits were repackaged and distributed in the US under the name "Motorized Lighting Racers". The two Mini 4WD based manga "Mini 4 Top" and "Dash! Yonkuro" both heavily feature models from the Racing Mini 4WD kits.


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by Series ・Racing Mini 4WD Series

The term Mini 4WD (also known as Mini Yonku in Japan) is predominantly used to refer to 1/32 scale, AA battery-powered plastic model race cars that operate without a remote control. The "4WD" of Mini 4WD is in reference to the mini cars' four-wheel driveability.

The R/C versions of the Racing Mini 4WD models are extremely popular with both children and adult fans, with all-age Racing Mini 4WD races being staged around Japan. Tamiya also produce specially-designed race circuits for Mini 4WD that were made with children's safety in mind.

Some popular Racing Mini 4WD include the Avante Jr., Dash-3 Shooting Star, Manta Ray Jr., Slash Reaper, and the Mini 4WD Lupine Racer. Racing Mini 4WD have also entered the otaku world with special cars featuring popular anime and game characters driving the cars. For example, the 2012 version of the Astute Special features Racing Miku. Saber from the Fate also joined the Mini 4WD series driving the Super Sabre Open Top. Both of these special edition cars came with Nendoroid Petite figures of the Hatsune Miku and Saber.