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Lego City - Create your own bustling metropolis or cozy town

Lego City is a series of Lego building sets by The Lego Group. As its name suggests, the series includes sets depicting various elements of city life such as fire departments, hospitals, airports, police departments, trains, gas stations, public transportation vehicles, construction sites, and other representations of emergency and civilian services. Lego's city motif dates back to 1978 with Lego Town, a concept introduced with the first minifigures. Though this was the first official debut, Lego sets with city buildings and vehicles had already become commonplace by the late 1960s. Since 2005, a range of sub-themed sets within the Lego City series have been released with easy-to-understand titles like Police, Fire, Construction, Emergency, Trains, etc.


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The Lego Group's founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen, named his company Lego after the Danish phrase "leg godt," which means "play well." The Lego Group had initially focused on crafting wooden toys but, taking notice of trends at the time, began manufacturing their trademark plastic bricks in 1949. Quality and safety are the top concerns for The Lego Group. To ensure the best and safest products, Lego bricks are made with the highest quality materials. Using premium materials ensures that the product is not only safe but that it is durable enough to hand down from generation to generation.

The Lego brick color palette changes with different themes; however, Lego representatives have confirmed that the basic brick colors (red, yellow, blue, green, black and white) will always remain as staples. Every country has a different best-selling Lego set and as themes are rotated in and out, different ones rise to the top. Over the last 60 years, Town, Space, Castle and Pirates are the evergreen themes that seem to always have a place in the hearts of Lego fans. Lego City is another popular theme around the world, and other global best-sellers include Star Wars, Bionicle, Harry Potter, Disney Princesses and Indiana Jones.

The first Legoland park was built in Lego's home town of Billund, Denmark. This was followed by Legoland Windsor in the UK, Legoland California in the US and Legoland Deutschland in Germany. Each park features large-scale Lego models of famous landmarks and miniature Lego models of famous cities, along with Lego-themed rides. In July 2005, The Lego Group sold their theme parks to the Blackstone subsidiary Merlin Entertainments. Merlin Entertainments then opened the first Legoland water park at the Legoland California site in 2010. In addition, they have opened four new Legoland Discovery Centres, which take the Legoland concept and scale it down to suit a retail park environment. The first Legoland in Japan and second in all of Asia opened in Nagoya in April 2017. The theme park includes several rides as well as a miniature town that includes landmarks such as Tokyo Station, Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto and Nagoya Castle.