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Kamen Rider Drive is a special effects drama (also known as "tokusatsu," the name of the genre in Japanese) in Toei's Kamen Rider Series. It is the 16th series in the show's Heisei period run and the 25th series overall. Kamen Rider Drive follows Shinnosuke Tomari, a former officer of the Metropolitan Police. After accidentally injuring his partner during the catastrophic Global Freeze, Shinnosuke has been transferred to the Special Investigations Unit. Shinnosuke's new division investigates mysterious happenings in the city, particularly the recent Heavy Acceleration events. These strange events are initiated by a race of androids called Roidmudes and cause innocent civilians to experience Slowdown, a state of paralysis. When he is chosen by the Drive Driver and Tridoron, Shinnosuke transforms into Kamen Rider Drive and is tasked with battling the Roidmudes, who wish to take over the world by eliminating humankind.


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As an apathetic police officer, Shinnosuke doesn't expect much when he is sent to investigate a Heavy Acceleration case involving Roidmude 029. Upon realizing he is fighting an android monster, he uses the Drive Driver which gives him the ability to transform into Kamen Rider Drive. He ultimately defeats Roidmude 029, with the help of his Tire Exchanges. When Roidmude 029 unexpectedly reappears, Shinnosuke theorizes that his powers must be connected to the other Roidmudes. On a trip to visit his injured partner, Hayase, Shinnosuke realizes another important key involving Roidmude 029's victims. Shinnosuke continues piecing together his investigation with an increasingly intense goal of destroying Roidmude 029.

Kamen Rider Drive's sub-plot involves Shinnosuke's father, Eisuke Tomari, who was also a police officer. Eisuke was killed in the line of duty during his son's middle school years but suspicious circumstances, including a snowflake-shaped scar behind Eisuke's right ear, have caused Shinnosuke to pursue the truth behind his death.

Kamen Rider Drive premiered on TV Asahi and affiliate stations throughout Japan in October 2014, the week following the finale of its preceding series, Kamen Rider Gaim. It joined Ressha Sentai ToQger, and later Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, in the Super Hero Time programming block. After Kamen Rider Drive's finale in September 2015, Kamen Rider Ghost took its place in the lineup.

Kamen Rider Drive's motif is a car, rather than the signature motorcycles used by other stars of the Kamen Rider franchise. In Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie War Genesis, Shinnosuke marries Kiriko Shijima and fathers a son with her in the future.