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About Kamen Rider Ghost

Kamen Rider Ghost - Collecting eyeballs for another chance at life

Kamen Rider Ghost is a special effects drama (also known as "tokusatsu," the name of the genre in Japanese) in Toei's Kamen Rider Series. It is the 17th series in the show's Heisei period run and the 26th series overall. Kamen Rider Ghost follows the story of Takeru Tenkuji, a teen who aspires to be a Ghost Hunter just like his late father, Hunter Ryu Tenkuji. Takeru is murdered on his 18th birthday by two monsters who are part of a race known as Gamma. He is miraculously revived, but with a catch; Takeru must gather 15 Ghost Eyecons based on 15 historical figures within 99 days, otherwise he will permanently cease to exist. Will he succeed in this once-in-a-lifetime mission or remain a ghost forever? Tune in to find out!


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Takeru Tenkuji died at the hands of the evil Gamma (whose Japanese name translates to "eye demon") while trying to protect his childhood friend, Akari Tsukimura, from an attack. A mysterious hermit brings Takeru back to life and bestows upon him the Ghost Driver transformation belt and one Ghost Eyecon, an orb-shaped device which allows him to see ghostly creatures such as spirits of dead creatures, Gamma and other Riders. The hermit tells Takeru that he must become Kamen Rider Ghost and obtain enough Gamma's Eyecons in order to be brought back to life. He is assisted by a Onari, a Buddhist monk who previously supported his father as a ghost hunter, and Akari, who tries to find more scientific and logical reasons behind their supernatural encounters. The Riders of Kamen Rider Ghost use Eyecons to transform and summon hooded jacket-like spirits called Hoodie Ghosts which manifest as the unique and powerful spirits of historical figures like Miyamoto Musashi, Thomas Edison and Isaac Newton.

Takeru's assigned task of obtaining 15 Eyecons in 99 days is made even more difficult by certain enemies that threaten his chances of returning to his old life. One of Takeru's main rivals is Makoto Fukami, a young man who is myseriously capable of utilizing a Ghost Driver to transform into Kamen Rider Specter although he is still alive. All Gamma are evil but the ones led by Chikara Saionji, an associate of Takeru's late father, are particularly dangerous for Takeru. Another foe standing in Takeru's way is Gamma member Alain, who eventually transforms into the anti-hero Kamen Rider Necrom.
Takuro Fukuda served as Kamen Rider Ghost's lead screenwriter, with Satoshi Morota as director. It premiered on TV Asahi and affiliate stations throughout Japan in October 2015, the week following the finale of its predecessor series Kamen Rider Drive, joining Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, and later, Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger in the Super Hero Time programming block. After Kamen Rider Ghost's finale, the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid series debuted in October 2016.

Fans of the series might also enjoy Ghost Re:Birth: Kamen Rider Specter, a V-Cinema release that focuses on a side story of Makoto Fukami as Kamen Rider Specter, which is set after the end of the series and features a flashback of when Makoto first meet Alain. Over 70 different types of Ghost Icons are currently available in the form of merchandise, some of which are special-edition and produced in limited quantity, making them ideal for collectors.