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Choro-Q Characters - Cuteness in a car!

Choro-Q is a line of chibi-fied toy cars, first produced by Takara Tomy (then known just as Takara) in 1978. Choro-Q cars were sold under the name "Penny Racers" in Western markets. The Choro-Q models are identified by their rounded and "cute" appearance. While Choro-Q toys are usually based on real car models, Takara Tomy has produced adorable Choro-Q toy cars in the shape of some of the most beloved characters ever. Some popular character collaborations include Rilakkuma, Super Mario, Miffy, and Hello Kitty.


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The name Choro-Q comes from the Japanese word "choro-choro", which is the onomatopoeic word for "dash around". The "Q" is an abbreviation of the English word "cute". The Choro-Q designs are heavily based on illustrations by Yasuhiro Nakamura, who also designed the covers for books and video games in the Choro-Q franchise. The Choro-Q toy cars have large rubber wheels and a coil-spring pullback motor.

The Choro-Q video games based on the mini-racers were extremely popular and were localized into English under several different names including Gadget Racers, Penny Racers, and Road Trip. Some popular Choro-Q video games include Choro-Q 64, Choro 64 2: Hachamecha Grand Prix Race, Choro-Q HG, and Shin Combat Choro-Q.

Takara Tomy has collaborated with many beloved Japanese characters to create unique and adorable designs for the mini-racers. Some popular Choro-Q character collaborations have included Super Mario, Sanrio's Hello Kitty and My Melody, Attack on Titan, Miffy, and Disney Tsum Tsum.