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About Supreme

Supreme - the peak of street fashion

Supreme is a streetwear brand with a fervent fan base all over the world. As befits the name, the brand reigns supreme in street fashion circles, gaining ever more followers with unexpected collaborations and a keen sense of cool. The white-on-red Supreme box logo is an instantly recognizable modern icon. Previously it was printed only on t-shirts, but recently it adorns a wider range of items. Every new release meets with intense attention, and long queues outside Supreme stores are a common sight.


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Supreme was founded in New York by James Jebbia in 1994. Before starting Supreme, he opened the select shop Union NYC and worked at pioneering streetwear brand Stussy. Supreme was targeted at skaters from the very beginning, with the layout letting customers comfortably skate right into the store. The brand contributed to and benefited from the rapid popularization of skater culture in the 1990s. The brand has a strong following among musicians and artists around the world.

T-shirts are among the most popular Supreme items, with bold statement-making tees being a brand staple. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the brand and the limited runs produced of each design, items often sell out almost instantly both in stores and online. T-shirts featuring the signature box logo encapsulate the understated cool of the brand, and have fans all over the world. Hats are another Supreme staple and a prime canvas for the eye-catching logo. Besides T-shirts and caps, a wide range of items including bags, sneakers, hoodies and jackets are available.

The Supreme box logo is also frequently seen on hoodies. These have been produced in a range of colors, including unexpected soft peach and sage green tones. Supreme down jackets are also popular, their warmth and water resistance a perfect mix of style and functionality. Frequent new releases combined with limited runs make the brand an attractive target for collectors, who are always looking to get their hands on rare Supreme items.