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Fashion Prada by Product Line Fiocco

Prada・by Product Line・Fiocco

About by Product Line Fiocco

Prada Fiocco - Where elegance meets cuteness

Prada Fiocco is a classic design from the Italian fashion house Prada identifiable by its adorable ribbon. The Prada Fiocco design is usually seen on wallets, but Prada has also produced some popular bags that also feature the Fiocco's signature bow. The Prada Fiocco is usually made with Prada's signature Saffiano leather and is the perfect addition to any professional woman's wardrobe. The Prada Fiocco's design can also be seen in bags and wallets from the luxury womenswear brand Miu Miu, a subsidiary of Prada. With the Prada Fiocco, you can carry both cuteness and elegance in a single accessory.


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by Product Line・Fiocco

Prada is an Italian luxury fashion house, founded in 1913 by Mario Prada. Prada specializes in leather goods such as handbags and travel accessories, but the brand also is well-known for its high-quality perfumes and ready-to-wear lines.

Mario Prada's granddaughter Miuccia Prada is currently head designer at the fashion house and made Prada into the fashion powerhouse it is today. Miuccia also founded Prada's subsidiary Miu Miu in 1993. The Prada Fiocco's design can also be seen on many bags and wallets from Miu Miu. As head designer at both Prada and Miu Miu, Miuccia Prada was the creative mind behind the adorable look of the Fiocco.

The name "Fiocco" comes from the Italian word for "bow". This bow is the most prominent feature of Prada accessories that feature the Fiocco design and adds a chic accent to any outfit. Bags and accessories that feature the Fiocco design are usually made with Prada's signature leather: the Saffiano. The Fiocco prominently features on Prada wallets and has become an icon of Prada.